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Family Law

Family Law, divorce, child custody, paternity, child support, or parenting plans, are other areas where RW Mozingo, II can provide substantial assistance.  Individuals needing help with a divorce, child custody situations, or any other aspect of parenting plans that arises from shared custody need the guidance The Mozingo Law Firm, LLC can provide during these difficult times. Additionally, our firm can successfully assist clients with paternity cases, and child support.  These areas are some of the most difficult to navigate and need an experienced hand in helping take care of all the details.  Also, RW can assist you with modifications to existing parenting plans or child support payments.  We will vigorously defend your rights and fight to ensure that you have every benefit you are entitled to under the law.  

Cases in the family law area can be some of the most difficult in the law due to the emotions that accompany them. You need an attorney that not only has trial experience, as many of these cases are litigated with regard to at least some issues; but you also need someone to navigate you through this difficult and draining time. RW has years of experience with dealing with lay people that are involved in the legal system. This experience will allow him to not only represent you during this time, but guide you through it with minimal collateral consequences to your life and that of your family. RW’s goal is to help you resolve the situation and help you move forward in a positive manner.RW Mozingo Johnson County Criminal Attorney Domestic Violence Lawyer Olathe Kansas

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