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Child Custody


Visitation with a child is usually the most important priority for parents.  Whether they are getting divorced or are simply separating if they were not married.  As a result, deciding on child custody plans can be some of the most difficult and emotional times in a client’s life.  There are a few things that fall into this category.  One, what type of legal custody arrangement will be made.  This has to do with who will be making the major decisions in the life of your child.  This legal distinction has nothing to do with physical custody, but rather decision making.  The other aspect would be the Parenting Plan which outlines who the child will reside with during the year.  The Mozingo Law Firm, LLC desires to help make this time as painless and stress free as possible.  Our approach to reaching amicable resolutions has resulted in most clients agreeing to plans that encompass the desires of both parties.  


Kansas has adopted the “best interest of the child” standard when deciding on child custody, also known as visitation.  While this is the standard the judge will use, much deference is given to plans that have been agreed upon by both parents.  There may be times where an expert, either a Gardian Ad Litem or someone performing a Family Assessment, may be appointed by the court to assist in finding the best interest of the child.  RW also employs experts such as child psychologists that can assist in presenting a picture to the court that will help present the best case for your desired outcome.


When there has been a material change in circumstances, you may seek modifications to your existing visitation schedule.  There are several factors that constituent a material change.  We can help in seeking theses changes or in defending  you if there has been a motion filed seeking modification.  Do not delay, time is always of the essence in these matters and any delay may adversely affect your case.


You are obligated under Kansas law to follow all court orders regarding child custody.  Failure to do so can result in contempt of court charges.  If the other parent is not following the court order or you have been served with a motion alleging the same, RW can help you navigate through this process.  Attorney fees can be awarded to the prevailing parent in these situations, so discuss your case immediately to plan your course of action. Please call an attorney at 913.780.4449 so we can start protecting your interest now.

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