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Divorce is an emotional and stressful time, with financial and  emotional consequences that may affect you the rest of your life.  An experienced Attorney is needed to help focus individuals toward a timely and fair resolution.  RW Mozingo, II has helped many individuals during this extremely frightening time.  He brings over 10 years of legal experience to the table.  With emotions usually running high for the participants, you need an attorney that will protect your rights, fight for your fair share of assets and also bring a calming presence to the situation.  Many individuals hire attorneys that simply add fuel to the fire of the hostile atmosphere that already exists.  This usually not only makes reaching settlements prolonged, and more stressful, but in the long run costs the client more money.  Therefore, actually making the final settlement less favorable to the client.  

Divorce can be a simple process that can be achieved in only 61 days in the state of Kansas.  Of course, there are many factors that may draw out this time frame.  Also, uncontested divorces may encounter situations that may prolong the process.  RW’s divorce practice focuses on having the parties reaching amicable resolutions.  Through his years of legal experience, resolutions that are agreed to by both parties are more likely to be followed since the parties agreed to the resolution themselves.  This is usually obtained through mediation.  While this is our hope for every client, we realize there may be circumstances that prevent this from happening.  If the other party is not reasonable, then resolutions in this matter may be unattainable.

Litigation may be the ultimate result of a divorce.  RW is more than willing to litigate a case if there is no other way to resolve the differences between the parties.  RW’s entire legal career has been spent as a litigator and he is as comfortable in the courtroom as he is at the negotiation table.  Let him use his experience to help you during this crucial time.  Please call us immediately at 913.780.4449 and schedule an appoinbtment.

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