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Drug Charges

A charge for possession or distribution of controlled substances – drugs; marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin needs immediate action.  Drug cases carry some of the harshest penalties of any crimes. When you are facing such steep potential prison sentences, you need someone who has the experience to protect your liberty. Acting immediately is very important, especially if the police have seized property or money from you. Failure to act quickly may lead to losing your property and money with no possibility for having them returned.  However, immediate action can result in the return of your property.

RW Mozingo, II served in the drug unit for the last three years he was in the Johnson County District Attorney’s Office. During that time, he not only tried many cases, but he also dealt with novel issues in the drug world like synthetic cannabinoids (K2), bath salts, as well as other synthetic compounds. This experience is vital in understanding any drug case.

Trials for the manufacturing methamphetamine, and cultivation of marijuana are prominent on RW’s resume. This is important as the charges carry presumptive prison sentences and if you want the possibility for probation, immediate action is required.  In addition to his vast trial experience, RW served as the interim Section Chief of the Drug Unit. This level of experience is second to none. Let RW protect your rights if you have or may be charged with these type of cases.

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